Reading Between the Lines

I had a friend send me this link and it is awesome. I have read Genesis chapter 5 in the Bible several times over the years, but I guess I haven’t study it the way I should have. But I do know that every time I read His word and may have read the same verse over and over that He reveals something to me that I needed to know at that time. I also know that the Old Testament talks about  our Savior coming and the New Testament Is about his arrival, loving teaching, dyeing, and arising, that third day. All the rest is for us to live by, love by, and to reach out to others so they two can live with Him in their hearts. Read, watch, and enjoy.

A Pleasant Surprise.

We were so blessed tonight. We had a coupon for a free queso at On The Border Mexican Restaurant. So we went there for supper. It was great for we enjoy eating there. Any way it was time to pay out and our waitress came and told us that are ticket was taken care of. We have no ideal who paid for it but I would like to say thank you and God bless you.

July Fourth 2015

It is a beautiful day here in the Texas Panhandle. This is a day when we as Americans celebrate or Independence. On June 11, 1776, the Colonies’ Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and formed a committee whose express purpose was drafting a document that would formallyIMG_0568 sever their ties with Great Britain. It was adopted on July 4 1776.

Last night we had a storm blow in and it dumped 2.5 inches of rain at my house. We had some flooding on the street that runs beside the house but there was no damage done. This morning the sun was up and nothing but blue sky’s. I went out and put up the flag and it was furled so neat hanging straight down, so I thought I would get a picture of it and share it with you. Hope that all have a very blessed 4 of July.

Magnolia Blooming

It is amazing what a good drenching rain can do. We have had this Magnolia tree for several years. Until now it has only had blooms on it twice and then it was a single bloom. We IMG_0543have had several good rains this year in fact we are around 8″ plus to the good for the year. So far we have had 5 blooms on the tree so excited


Fathers Day 2015

I think of my dad all the time. He passed when I was 31 years old, he and mom was fishing which they both loved to do. They were at Foss lake in Oklahoma when he had a heart attack. Mom tried to get him to help but he passed way to fast. He did get to know my daughter In fact he would take her by the hand and show her where grandmas makeup was at. The Twins were only 3 years old so they don’t really remember him. I praise God every day that He has let me live long enough for my grand kids to know me. MyDad, mom,_edited-1 mom had a stroke not to long after dad passed. She did get to see my kids grow up, but she could not communicate with them for the stroke affected her speech. She lived for 16 years after dad passed. She passed in 1993. This picture was taken in 1968 and this is the way I remember them both. We talked with mom and I know she could understand us but she would get so frustrated because she could not tell us what she wanted to say.

Lets go Golfing.

Jeff loves to go golfing on some of his days off. He has been teaching Riley to play and little Noah wants to learn so that he can go with them when they go play. They signed both of them up for golf camp. I went out Noah at the driving range Riley at the driving rangeyesterday just watch them for a little bit. They both seem to be picking up the sport and having fun. I think we are going tp be having three golfers in the family.

Rain Rain Rain

After visiting with the kids and having supper at a restaurant, we headed for the motel. We knew Jeremy needed to get home for he had to catch a flight out that next morning. The weatherman had said that is was going to rain that evening and on into the night, but they did not seem to know how much rain was going to fall. We could here the rain out the window it was imagesnot to bad where we were at in Webster Texas. The next morning when we got up and around, I turned on the television on local news. That’s when we found out that Houston had received 11.5 ” of rain over night. Parts of I 45 and some other roads were under water. In fact the very highway we went down just a few hours before were impassable.

635670963570170246-Gulf-Freeway-Metro-1 Screenshot-2015-05-26-at-4.02.29-PM

Jeremy came home Thursday afternoon and we got to visit and help him and Aubrey a little bit on the boat. We stayed until Sunday thin we drov10425471_10204494786386250_609049439520754239_ne the 11 hour drive back home to Amarillo. A week later the kids called us from their boat, they were taking it on its maiden Voyage.

P1120463 P1120464

Deciding what to do next.

Monday 05/25/2015. Jeff and Amy broke camp and headed for home, We got up and around and after breakfast CeAnne headed back to Kansas. We were going to go over to Tyler Texas and visit with some friends that just moved there. We knew that they had been getting a lot of rain there and the weather channel was saying that they were to get 4 to 5 more inches. After talking it over we decided to go ahead and go to Houston.

Our sonMom eating a Firebirds Jeremy hast to leave on a business trip early Tuesday morning and that was one of the reasons we had thought about detouring through Tyler. It was a little cloudy but it was a nice day so far. We spotted a Firebirds Burritos as we were driving through Bryan Texas so we stopped for lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant it came a good down poor but it did not last long thank goodness. We talked with the kids and they said they would be at Kemah Texas where the boat they had bought was kept. Jeremy and Aubrey have been working on it getting it ready to sail. We made it there in plenty of time to visit with the kids and see their boat.

P1120444 P1120452 P1120457


Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Last Day

Sunday 05/24/2015. It was a beautiful Lords day the sun was out aP1120438nd just a few clouds. We were a little slow getting up and around, but we made it by the coffee shop and off to the camp ground. It was nice out partly sunny so we were able to set outside. The boys got to ride in a little train made out of 55 gal drums. They were able to go swimming in IMG_0501the pool at the camp ground. We were able to have a fire so for lunch we roasted some ears of corn on the cob on the fire and mom made one of our favorite camping meals Green Chilly Enchilada casserole, it’s making me hungry for it again just writing about it. That night we roasted marshmallow on the fire and made smores, plus cut a watermelon man was that all good. To me that is what camping out is all about.

P1120425 P1120432 P1120434


Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Day 2

Saturday 05/23/2015. Jeff’s work shift is a 24 hour shift and theyP1120407 had a call out around 1:00 am on a house fire so he did not get much sleeP1120404p before they left Amarillo Friday morning. I am telling you this so you might understand why we wanted to wait so late to show up at the camp sight this morning. We wanted to let him sleep in if he could with two little rug rats running around. After we had breakfast we ran into town and got us some Starbucks coffee. Picked up a couple for Jeff and Amy. Stopped by a donuts shop to get some donuts for the kiddos, then out to the campsite.

When we got out to the camp site every one was up and getting around in fact Jeff and the boys had already been out riding there bicycles. We Riding fire truckgave the boys their donuts shaped like a dogs face one covered in chocolate and one in cheery. The park had a couple of old fire trucks that they would give rides around the park in. They would blow the horns and the siren.


It was trying to rain and the boys were just dying to go swimming. We told the boys that after we had lunch we would all go back to our motel for it had an in door swimming pool and we would swim there. Swiming at Motel Thums up in the poolJeff teaching Riley to swim