Asking for Prayer

I am writing this for my cousin Rocky and his sweet wife Patsy. Rocky is in need of a liver transplant. They were called last Saturday to come to Dallas Texas for they had a liver. They arrived and had him prepped for surgery. As it turned out that the liver was bad so they checked on a second liver and it was bad also. So would you please lift him and Patsy up, and also that a good liver shows up. Patsy told me that Rocky was in good spirits and was feeling good today.

Thank you in advance.

Jim Harbin

Home today

We get home today, We left Laramie around 7:00am and the Garmin said we should be home around 6:00 pm tonight. We headed down interstate 25 toward Denver. I did not want to drive through Denver so we took a couple ofP1130779 little roads around to Interstate 70 then to US 287 going south all the way to Amarillo. we got in around 5:30 pm and it does feel good to be home September 7 2015. It is now October the second and my cough is just about gone. The picture is what it looks like at home maybe a little flatter.

Another day closer to Home

Up early had breakfast and off we went. We left Twin Falls heading for Wyoming. Drop down out of Idaho into Utah down by the greaP1130775t Salt Lake then East to Wyoming. We made to Laramie Wyoming where we decided to spend the night. We drove around looking for a place to eat, ended up downtown and passed by the University of Wyoming. I still have that nagging cough so we pulled into a Walmart and picked up some cough drops.

P1130773 P1130777

Heading Home

We left Yakama WA. and started driving, I asked Charlotte if there was some place else she would like to go. She said we have been gone almost a month P1130759lets just head fore home. I am not feeling to bad but I did have a bad cough, Charlotte asked if I wanted her to drive. I said no I would be ok besides I get to board just setting and not driving. we drove all the way to Twin Falls Idaho. P1130768Charlotte’s cousin had her baby while we were in Alaska and we had planed on stopping by on the way home. Since I have this cough and not sure if it was catching we decided we would not. So Charlotte called her aunt Jean and told her we was in Twin Falls but that we had better not come by since we weren’t sure about me. We have always traveled with snacks, hmm wonder if that is why I have the body that I have.


Leaving Alaska starting the long trip home.

After the short nights sleep we were up dressed and down stairs waiting on are bus to the airport. When we arrived and before we loaded on to the plain we talked to the lady at the desk, told her that we would like to set together. She P1130728 P1130741told us no problem and arranged it. We had noticed that we did not have a boarding pass for the flight from Anchorage to Seattle.

We arrived in Anchorage and hurried to get to the gate for the flight to Seattle. when we went up to the lady to get our boarding pass she told us to take a seat we were on standby. I told Charlotte I did not understand why we would be on standby for Princess made these reservations. Finely she called us up just before the plane started boarding. she gave us tickets but they were not together. The plain was full so Charlotte sat up front just behind first class and I was on the other side of the plane over the wing by the exit door.

We arrived at the SeaTac airport. While we were waiting on our luggage we called the motel where our car is at and told them to come and pick us up. we picked up the car and off we went. I am not sure if it was from me getting runIMG_1070 P1130755down or what but I was not felling very good and I had developed a cough. So instead of looking around more we went ahead and headed out-of-town. We drove to Yakama Washington and stopped for the night.

Last night in Fairbanks Alaska

We were both pretty tired so we went ahead and had dinner at one of their restaurants.  After dinner we went up and packed our luggage. The hotel had a person from Alaska air lines at the motel where we could go ahead and take our checked luggage, and also pick up our boarding pass for our flight in the morning.

We had not yet seen the Northern Lights so when I called for a wakeup call, I asked if the Northern Lights become visible would they also call us. We went to bed early for we knew that 05:00 am would come early. I think it was around 10:30 pm when they called and said the lights were dancing in the skies. We got dressed went down stairs and out the back door. Sure enough the lights were out. I had wished that the hotel could have turned off their lights but they could not. Hear again the good Lord knew that this was going to be one of our last chances to ever see the lights. Charlotte had read today 10/01/2015 that Fairbanks has received over 11 inches of snow which as broken a record for this time of year.

P1130699 P1130700 P1130702 P1130703 P1130715

Fairbanks Alaska Second Excursion.

After we were through panning for gold we loaded back up on the bus we headed to where the Paddle boat Discovery II was docked. First we went P1130588inside the store slash restraint and they fed us beef stew, salad and a roll with some cobbler for desert. Then we boarded the boat, we had to let a P1130601float plane take off and then come in for a landing before we could sail. The plane was neat to watch, they told us that for this plane they had wheels for ground landing, skis for landing on snow and ice, and then the floats for P1130608landing on the water. they would change them out depending on what  the weather was doing or where they need to go.. Their were beautiful homes right a long the river. We stopped along the way where one of the men who runs in the Iditarod lives. It was set up so he could talk to us P1130620from the shore. You could see some new pups who was starting to have some training. Then you could see some older dogs set up to pull an ATV without the engine. He said these dogs are for racing so they are not big like you think of huskies, The bigger more muscle P1130629ones are bred for strength to pull loads. After that we went down stream to a village that was set up like the native Alaskans lived. Also they had a small herd of Caribou. They have like a water wheel set up in the river with some logs set up where it is wider on one end and narrow close to the wheel. The wheel had basket and flaps so that they would make the wheel turn. The basket would catch salmon which would then dump into a trap. They would then cut their heads off to make fish head soup. Then they would split it open hang them on a rack and put them in a smoke house. Nothing went to waste. If I remember correctly they have to catch at least 500 or so salmon a day just to feed their dogs.

P1130650 P1130655 P1130663 P1130669 P1130685

Fairbanks Alaska First Excursion.

We pretty much hit the floor going today. We had two excursion we were going to do. We loaded on the bus to go panning for gold. We stopped in the area P1130555 P1130557where the gold dredge # 8 was located. We had to walk under the famous Alaska oil pipeline to get to the little train that carried us up to pan for the gold. It was a cute little train and we had a narrator tells us about what all the tools were used for on getting the gold out of the land.

P1130559 P1130563P1130558


Then we were given a pan and a bag of dirt then went in and set down by some troughs where we would pan for the gold. It was neat but I could see if you were trying to get a lot of gold it would be hard work. We put both of ours together which the flakes were very small, it added up to twenty dollars.


Fairbanks Alaska

We made it into our Hotel here in Fairbanks it is owned and operated by Princess cruise lines, and Holland America cruise lines. It has a couple of restaurants but like most of the ones that are in hotels they were kind of pricey. I am not good for walking long distances but we found a pizza place about four blocks away so we went in and had Pizza. when you order a soda pop it comes cold in a can, we asked for some ice in a cup he looked at us a little funny then said that they could run to store and get some ice if we would like, but that they do not have much of any call for ice here in Alaska. We told him never mind on the ice. As we were walking back to the hotel Charlotte noticed a grocery store so she went in and purchased some food for breakfast in the morning. Charlotte went out for just a little walk around she was going to do more but she was afraid that she might get lost. We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

The drive of the bus was telling us as we were coming into Fairbanks that some of the homes here our what they call dry houses. They do not have running water in them. These people us a community house to bath and an out house for bathrooms.

Leaving Princess Denali lodge for Fairbanks

We loaded up and headed for Fairbanks Alaska. We stopped P1130530at a little town Called Nenana Alaska for a potty break. This town has a tradition every year where they build an Ice tower they tie it in the river while it is frozen over then they make guess as to when it will start moving as the ice thaws. There was a man there who had his sled dogs, he let us take pictures and pet the dogs. The stop was only ten minuets so we did not get to hang around to look things over. The Bridge that we crossed was called the veteran bridge to honor the vets from that area.