Happy Mothers day to my second Mom

Charlotte’s mother and her grandmother treated me just as one of the kids, right off when I first started dating her. I was a young 17 year old working in a downtown parking lot when I met Charlotte’s grandparents. They had come in town from the little town of Miami Texas to do some shopping and they parked in the lot I was working at. I did not find out till later who they were. Any way Willie Mae and ViCharlotte’s family had planed a trip to Miami so I could meet them. When we had arrived it was time for dinner which was what it was called back then, (now days it is called lunch.) Any way her grandma had set out her best china to eat off of.

For some reason Charlotte’s mom who we called Vi which is short for Violet, thought I could do no wrong. She called me Jim boy. She introduced meVi to Taco’s and other Mexican food, and also to sweet tea and I do mean sweeet, one cup of sugar to a pitcher. I was always so stuffed at holidays because she would always say now Jim boy you better get in their and get some more and of course I did not want to hurt her feelings. We miss these two ladies so much.

Wishing my Mom a Happy Mothers day.

I truly miss my mom and think of her every day. I lost this dear lady twice and of course the last time was when she passed in 1993. The first time was caused by a stroke which effected her speech, and walking. But at least I could hug her, kiss her, and tell her how much I loved her. She lived this way for sixteen years, which came shortly after my dad had passed in 1977. I remember that she Alice and Leon004 (2) Alice Lee Harbinwould get so aggravated when she could not tell us what she wanted to say. I remember that my kids when they were small tried to get her to say hippopotamus, finally one day she got so mad that she said it and you could tell that it made her so happy.  After that she would say oh shoot when she tried to tell us something and couldn’t. We love and miss you Mom.

A Pay it Forward Free Meal.

You know just about all you hear now days is bad things happening around town and around the world. Today 05/02/2016 we had called some friends to go out and get a burger at Red Robin here in Amarillo Texas. We always enjoy eating with this couple, we have known them ever since our kids started school some 46 years ago. Any way we had finished eating and was getting ready to pay our bill when the waitress told me that mine and the wife’s was paid for by someone because I was a veteran. The only way they could have known this was the hat I was wearing, she told me she could not tell me who it was, so we told her to please thank them for us. Paying it forward is always a good thing for it makes the recipient and the giver feel good.

Two Times Great, Grandma’s Quilt

How would she have known that over 100 years ago when she started patching this quilt together, that her daughter would have finished the quilt. Then several years later her two times great grand son’s would be sleeping under that quilt. The boy’s spent the night with us and were excited when we IMG_1511explained that there great great grandmother started the quilt all those years ago and then their great grandma finished it and now their mama had it on her bed.

Family finds offensive message on local Marine’s car — sachemspeaks

Family finds offensive message on local Marine’s car First, to this wonderful family, “Thank-you for your service to our country, neighbors!” To my brothers in arms (Father & Son), I feel your pain. A military family’s (Marine family) son has joined the military, the (Marine’s) to help protect the right of this little coward, punk, […]

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Last full day in Kauai and Hawaii

Even though we heard about a helicopter tour crash at Pearl Harbor.  We decided to go ahead and do one here at Kauai. It was with the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter and it was well worth doing, we loved every second of it. I was worried a little about my weight though. If you weighed over 250 ponds it would cost us extra. I knew I weighed around 235 when we came to Hawaii, but with all the great food I was not sure how much I had gained.  Well I was ok, they did not tell me what I weighed though, I guess it was due to the computer did all the weights and then assigned where you would set in the hello. I was in the middle in the back of the hello, so I did not have the best seat but I could see alright. I have a few pictures but they do not do it Justus. If you are at all interested you can see the hello ride that Charlotte and I was on by going to You Tube and Looking for Hello Ride in Kauai Hawaii, there are six of them and they are about ten min. long.

Afterwards we spent the rest of the last day hanging around the resort. Then we had a say good buy dinner with the group.

First full day in Kauai

Up and ready to do some site seeing. After breakfast we boarded the bus and headed out. This island is so beautiful, their has been several movies made on here. King Kong, Jurassic Park, Blue Hawaii, and others that I can’t remember. Our first stop was a sugar plantation called Grove Farm. The Wilcox family moved here in 1837. Although we did not see any sugar cane where we were which was their home, it was beautiful there.

After words we headed up to Waimea Canyon State Park. It was a beautiful ride up to the top, you could look down on the bay and see the beaches, and Island off in the distance. We were told that this canyon is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Only 30% of this island is inhabited, the rest is mountains and rain forest. it receives 480 inches of rain each year thus all the water falls.

After coming back down we stopped in Koloa around some local restaurants and of course stores. Being from Texas we haven’t had any Mexican food since we left the mainland. We noticed a restaurant called Tortilla Republic, so we decided to try it. We both order the pulled pork burrito. It was wonderful, the pork had a lot better flavor than the pork at the luau.

Later that afternoon a lot of the group gathered around the fire pit and enjoyed just visiting with one another.

Leaving Maui for Kauai

We are leaving Maui and our flight does not leave until around 11:30. So we slept in again, then we met our friends down for breakfast. after retrieving our luggage from our room we set down in the lobby waiting for our busIMG_1828 to the airport. After saying one last goodbye we loaded up for the long ride to the airport. We passed by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, it made me think about the new one they had built back home in Amarillo. We have a local donut shop back home called The Donut Stop and they or hard to beat. Anyway the Krispy Kreme did not last long before they closed their doors.

After getting to the airport we boarded the plane for the 45 min flight to Kauai. It was a very cloudy day but as the plane flew over Pearl there was an opening in the clouds, I could see the Arizona and the Missouri down below. After landing we went to a shopping mall that had several places to eat so we could get some lunch. We loaded back on the bus and headed back pass the airport to the Kauai Beach Resort. We spent the rest of the day walking around and looking over the beach, then to Shutters Lounge on site for dinner. I had a great burger and fries and Charlotte had a veggie Pizza.


Topping off the Second full day in Maui

After the boat tour Charlotte and Marg shopped around. I went and set under the Banyan tree in the park. I always enjoy people watching, and visiting with the other men setting around. Charlotte always worries about getting something for the kids and grandkids when we travel. Well she had some luck finding some stuff which made her fill better. While waiting for a trolley to take us back to the hotel we looked at the remnant of an old fort, and a few cannon’s.

After words we made it back to the hotel. We arranged to meet with Herman and Marg for dinner. This was their last day for they were heading back home to Canada the next morning, and we will be moving on to the next island.