Third week of radiation done.

I have completed my third week of radiation. I see the doctor every Thursday, and he asked me if I was having any problems or pain. I told him no and was he sure that the machine was even turned on. He just laughed and said he would see me next week. Six more treatments and I am through, yeah.


44 Years ago.

Just a short 44 years ago I had a big surprise. My wife was 8 months pregnant, she started having contractions and felt that the baby was coming. We took our daughter over to some friend and then I rushed her to the hospital. You have to realize that back then they did not have sonograms. So while we were at the hospital the nurses were talking with each other about a woman who had twins the night before was about a month early. So they asked if they could do an x-ray of Charlotte and we said yes. When they came back from taking the x-ray they showed us that there were indeed 3 backbones, Charlotte’s and two little ones on each side of hers. This was when we found out that we were having twins.¬†

So Happy Birthday to Jeremy who is the oldest by two minutes of Jeffery. Love you sons. Pop’s.

Radiation 2 nd week.

Just realized that it was 6 months today that I was diagnosed with my cancer. Praise the Lord that I am in remission and felling so great.

As of today 2/2/2018 I have had only 8 treatments instead of 10. As it turns out the machine that I use for my radiation treatment is down for repairs. I received a call last Wednesday that the machine  was down, then I received a call that they got it to working so I went in and received that treatment. Then Yesterday I received a call saying it was down again and that a repairman was called in to fix it, and that they would call me again when it was fixed. Well they called back Thursday afternoon and said they would have to cancel my appointment for that day and also for Friday. This only puts me two days behind no big deal. Yea just got a call from Harrington Cancer Center that the machine is repaired and that I will get my treatment today, so I will be behind only one day.


Radiation Has Started

I went in for my first radiation treatment today 1/22/2018. I was only in there for about 15 min. It took them around 10 or 11 min. to get me setup and lined up with my new tattoos, then 4 min. for the treatment. I will have to do this five days a week for the next 4 weeks. This will be a piece of cake compared to the chemo and lumbar punctures that I have already finished up with.

A Bit Premature on Thinking I was Through.

Even though my pet scan says that I am still in remission with my cancer, I found out today that I will be getting radiation.

My radiation doctors name also starts with a Z so I will call him Dr, Zus. Any way he is the one who ordered the pet scan for last Monday. He told me today that I will have radiation and it is to make sure the cancer does not come back. It will be a low dose but that I will have to come in every day for the treatment.

I had to go in and let them do a cat scan so that they could map out the area to be treated. they also made a mold of me so that I will always lay in the same spot for the treatment. They also gave me three little tattoos on my stomach so they can line me up correctly. I told them the whole time I was in the Navy that I did not get a tattoo and now they gave me three.

Well I do not know yet when they will get started. Just waiting on getting the appointments set up.

Last Lumbar Puncture. Yea thats over.

It was Wednesday January 10th. I checked into BSA Hospital around 08: 00. Then I was taken to the Oncology ward which is on the eighth floor. The nurse came in and asked if I was ready to have her take my blood sample that they needed to see if blood was thick enough for them to do the procedure. She asked me if I would like to have it taken from my port or my arm. For this procedure they have always taken it from my arm, and so I showed her that the vein in my left arm is dead center where the elbow bends. I had blood taken from there last Monday at a a doctor visit. It hurt like crazy almost like they were using a square needle instead of a pointed one. Any way as she was installing the IV that needle felt the same and it hurt like crazy, makes me wonder if that vein has been used so much that its breaking down or maybe a build up of scar tissue.

I was taken down for the Lumbar puncture. During the procedure I was told that if I felt any thing to ask for more Lidocaine. Part of the way through I felt a sharp pain so I jumped and asked for more Lidocaine, after he gave it to me it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. Then back up to my room, yea the last one is over.

Having to stay laying flat for two hours before I could get up to use the bathroom. I almost made it but then it hit me I had to go. So I got up and did my thing. I don’t know why but I started feeling sick to my stomach. I also don’t know how many times that I got sick but I was told that before I could go home I need to get it under control. The nurse said that she was going to call doctor Z to find out what she needed to do.¬† Poor thing she came back in and told me that she was going to need to start an IV to give me some fluids for I had been NPO since midnight last night. The reason she removed the last IV was that it was not need during the lumbar puncture. She told me this time she will access my port and I said please do. She also gave me something for nausea. Well that did not work. I remained getting sick to my stomach and the last time was about thirty minutes before time that I could go home. She called Dr Z one more time and he prescribed a stronger med and it worked, finally about three hours pass the time to go home. Now I have been home and it is pass the time to where I can get up and stay up, I feel great and am thankful I have all this behind me.


Merry Christmas

We actually celebrated Christmas with all my family last week. All of my kids and grandkids were able to make it. First time in I have no ideal how long that we have been able to get all of them here. I wasn’t able to get them in any pictures as family members. Although we did get the four grandsons, yea.



Next to the last Lumbar Puncture.

Last Friday 12/15/2107 I had my third Lumbar puncture. It started off different. When it was first set up I was supposed to be there early around 09:00 am. Well it was changed to 11:00 am. Of course I could not have any thing to eat or drink after midnight. For some reason this time I was told that I needed an IV, Of course after not having any thing to drink after 12 hours now I am very dehydrated. I was stuck several times trying to get the IV started, Finally another nurse was called in and she got one started right in the bend of the arm. I don’t know if it is because I am getting old or what but each one of the sticks hurt.

About 12:30 pm they came to take me down for the procedure. There was some one ahead of me so I was left out in the hall in my bed until they were ready for me. I was then rolled in next to the x-ray table so I could roll over on the table lying on my stomach. It was hard to do with the IV in the bend my arm but I made it. The nurse asked me why I had an IV and why it was placed where it was at. I told her why they placed it where it was at, but that I did not remember having an IV before. The doctor came in to do the puncture. He told me that I would feel a little stick from the needle, I felt it all right and I jumped, he apologized and I told him even though I knew it was coming I just couldn’t help but jump. After that I felt nothing else it was great. He finished up, then they had me roll back over onto the bed. The transporter took me back to my room it was around 2:00 PM.

I was able to have the bed at a little angle which helped. I did have to lay in bed for two hours before I could go to the bathroom. It was about 4:00PM and I told Charlotte that I was needing to go. I figured it was so close that I could just get up and go. I started to get up when an alarm went off. I did not know that they had set the alarm on the bed to go off if I tried to get out of bed. So the nurses desk called and asked what I needed, I told them I had to go to the bathroom. The nurse came in and turned off the alarm and started helping me out of bed. I told her I could get up and go. I also asked if they could remove the IV. She said that she did not know why it wasn’t used, but that they could remove it. Finally it was 8: PM and I was told that the 6 hours was up and that I could go home.

After getting home I stayed either in my recliner or the bed until 2:00 pm the next day. Now all I like is doing the last one in about three weeks.

A Portable Vietnam Wall.

The portable Vietnam wall was brought to Amarillo Texas and set up in one of our city parks. It was only going to be set up here for four days before it is moved to another city. There was an opening ceremony on Thursday December 7th and the closing ceremony will be Sunday December 10th.

We took our two grandsons one 10 years old and the other is 8. to see the wall today. It was a little hard for them to understand the depth of what all the names meant. We explained that we had two friends who were killed over there. We looked up their names and showed them to the boys. My ten-year old told me that there were 58,318 names on the wall. I was impressed but he did not tell me if had read something their about the total number or if he had learned this at school. He was trying to imagine what that many people would look like if they were all in one place.

There was an 18 wheeler parked in the lot and it had several window display on both sides of the trailer. One side showed some of the uniforms the army men wore while over there and some C-rats that they had to eat. There was also a granite piece showing what the real wall looks like. On the other side there were several windows that had screens which showed pictures of our area men and what city they were from. So we were able to let them see a picture of the two friends whose names we showed them. There was also a map of Vietnam so I showed them where my ship would bring troops in and out of Da Nang.